Graffiti Removal in Portland

Graffiti Removal – Portland, OregonGraffiti Removal

Is your business in need of graffiti removal?  Look no further – you’ve come to the right place!  Many graffiti removal and restoration efforts can leave the surfaces looking as bad, or worse, than before the work began.  To ensure a successful graffiti removal call a licensed, bonded and insured graffiti removal specialist, like Champion Property Improvement.

Graffiti Removal – Tips For Your Business

Graffiti sends a negative message to your customers and contributes to reduced sales, a decline in property values and citizen fear.  A business vandalized with graffiti is less likely to be patronized.  Make every effort to keep the appearance of your building/business clean.  The business’s exterior appearance – littered parking lots, poor lighting, graffiti, broken fences, overgrown landscaping, etc. – sends a message to vandals that the owners are not attentive and do not care about the business, therefore creating an invite for more vandalism,

Quick and continuous removal is the best way for owners to ensure their customer’s sense of security when entering their facility.  Prompt graffiti removal reduces the damage to the underlying finish and the solvent-based paints and markings are easier to dissolve when there are residual solvents still present that have not fully evaporated.

If graffiti is a regular and persistent problem to a certain area of the building, then you may want to consider having a professional, like Champion Property Improvement, apply a solvent-based polyurethane graffiti coating,  These types of graffiti coatings are available from specialty paint and finish suppliers.  Since they are resistant to penetration by solvent-based paints and markers, graffiti removal is far easier.

Graffiti Removal – The Damage of GraffitiGraffiti Removal

Most graffiti that is visible on fences, walls, utility boxes, mailboxes, and other similar surfaces is applied using spray paints and permanent marking pens.  These products are typically solvent- or petroleum-based and are often very difficult to remove completely.  Even after removing surface graffiti applied with these products, porous surfaces – like wood, brick, rock or stone – may still show residual, shadow evidence.

Vertical surfaces that have been previously painted with acrylic coatings (water-based house paints and other  exterior water-based finishes) are often damaged by the solvent-based paint products, which leave staining even after doing the graffiti removal.

Graffiti Removal – Your Solution Experts

Graffiti RemovalAt Champion Property Improvement, we have the equipment and cleaning agents necessary to completely remove graffiti from most surfaces.   We use special high pressure nozzles and will take extra caution when cleaning soft wood to avoid damage to the wood itself.  Call us today for a free consultation and quote.

Graffiti Removal – Local Areas We Serve

Champion Property Improvement is a graffiti removal contractor in Oregon and Washington.

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