Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing: Champion Property Improvement

Champion Property Improvement is an experienced pressure washing contractor with expertise in commercial and residential properties, churches, pools and community centers, RVs and trucks. We also specialize in concrete, roof and gutter cleaning, deck cleaning, sealing and staining, and home exterior cleaning including stucco, brick, wood siding and vinyl. As a preferred pressure washing contractor serving Oregon and Washington State, we offer the professional services listed below.

Pressure Washing: Services

Exterior Homes, Concrete Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Commercial Buildings Hotels, Retail, Office & Industrial

All of these areas need a deep pressure washing form of cleaning every few years. Our pressure washing equipment can clean these areas safely.

Churches & Steeples

Pressure Washing ServicesWe take great care in deep cleaning our local churches. Using high pressure washing extension hoses, we can put the shine back into your church’s steeple.

Pools & Community Centers

We deep clean the concrete area around the pool that gets ground in dirt over time. When it’s time to drain and clean the pool, our high pressure washing sprayers will have your pool looking good as new.

RVs, Trucks & Fleets

RVs don’t fit too well in the car wash. We bring the car wash to you. Our pressure washing equipment can reach the tops of RV’s with ease. We can wash one RV or a whole fleet.

Parking Lots

Your parking lot may not be ready for a repaving yet. A power wash can get all of the grit, grime, grease and oil off of your lot.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is an unpleasant fact of life. If your property gets attacked by graffiti, our high powered pressure sprayers can get off even the toughest paint and get your property back to the way it should look.


Gutter Cleaning

Our high power pressure washers can remove dirt, leaves and debris that can cause backup problems with your gutters.

Deck Cleaning, Sealing & Staining

Bring your deck back to life with a deep power cleaning. After your power cleaning, we will stain your deck and seal it with a waterproof sealer. Your deck will look new again.

House Exterior Cleaning Stucco, Brick, Wood Siding & Vinyl

Your house need a good cleaning every few years. We will pressure wash your house and make it look new again.

Champion Property Improvement: Pressure Washing Contractor

Local areas we serve include Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, Portland, Newberg, Canby and Oregon City, OR as well as Vancouver, WA, among others. Contact Champion Property Improvement, a leading pressure washing contractor serving Oregon and Washington State, today to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed and bonded sub-contractors for a consultation on your next school or church improvement project.